Thursday, October 25, 2007

17 Weeks Pregnant

I’m 17 weeks pregnant today. Crazy! My appointment went really good yesterday. The practice I go to is at a hospital called Holy Spirit. It’s a catholic hospital but very good doctors and care. I did not know that when I made my first appointment with them a few months back. They only thing they told me on the phone was that they did not prescribe artificial birth control. I was like ok no big deal cuz after this baby I’m getting my tubes tied. Well come to find out it’s because of it being a catholic practice. They will not even tie my tubes for me. SO Larkin is going to be going for the snip snip after the baby is born. Lucky him! Anyway my reason for telling you all this is yesterday after my DR did my exam he said to me that he is a Christian and it is practice of his that he likes to pray with expecting mothers over their womb and baby. I was blown away!!! It was so awesome I could have bawled. I want him to deliver the baby so bad. He was so nice and corrected my due date because they had it wrong because of leap year. He even told me when to expect my c-section. He told me that he was in 100% agreement with me with having another section. I have only gained 4 lbs my entire pregnancy so far so he was pleased with that. So my due date is April 3rd and my estimated section date is March 25th. The baby's heart rate is 150 and my belly is measuring 15 inches. I don’t remember them doing that with Mitch. Ok sorry for the LONG story!! I know you were just expecting a simple update. My sex of the baby appointment is on Friday, November 23rd at 3pm. That is the day after Thanksgiving so I know the time will go fast leading up to that. I'm so excited!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

On Saturday our mom's group went to a local pumpkin patch. I thought the kids would pick pumpkins walk around and then go home. I was so wrong! They had a great hour of activities planned for them. We started off in one of the outside green houses where the kids played in a hay bail maze, a corn pit, and climbed on bails of hay. After that we walked up the hill and learned about the turkeys and got to see adult and baby turkeys. After that we headed down to a game area where they got to throw green peppers through a pepper head and play different games. We then walked through a corn maze. We then headed back down towards our cars where the children were read a story about pumpkins and then they headed to the pumpkin patch to pick their own pumpkin. It was so darn cute! They finished the day playing back in the mazes and in the corn. I loved it and I know it was a day made for Mitchell. He was on cloud 9!! Here are some pictures of our day.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Wonderful Birthday Weekend

We had such a great b-day weekend with Mitch. Friday night started off his fall festival b-day party. It was a bit cold so we did as many outside activities as we could. For the most part the kids played inside having a blast. We did an outside bone fire along with a little pumpkin patch for the kids to get their own pumpkins to take home.
Saturday we came into town for out fire company's 100 year anniversary parade. Mitch was in heaven seeing all the big trucks. We then headed over to where my sister was camping for trick or treating. I dressed Mitch as a little pirate. He was a lot cuter than scarier. By that time we were about played out for the weekend. We headed come for a long nap and ended our full weekend on Sunday with our last football game.
Mitch was so cute and pleasant all weekend. I could tell he just had the best little time ever. He also got to spend Tuesday night to Friday night with Daddy. That is always a plus!!
Here are a few pictures of our b-day weekend. I have more posted on myspace as well.

Mitchell getting his pumpkin in his b-day pumpkin patch.

Sitting in his new dump truck.

Basketball Birthday cake.

Trick or Treating with Uncle Rich in the golf cart.

Pirate boy!

Fall fun!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Two Already!

Today's is Mitch's 2nd b-day. I know I'll be saying this for the rest of my life but man I can not believe he is 2 already. I can remember his birth like it was yesterday. Will it always be like that. I have met mom's that their kids are like 20 years old and then want to tell me minute by minute about their birth. I promise I won't be one of those mom's. I'll stop telling birth stories by the time he is 19. LOL!!

So on Friday I thought I was getting some major sickness going on. I closed the shop early and headed to the dr. As it turned out I was getting this lovely drainage down my throat from allergies and it was causing my glands to swell and a sore throat. He put me on some antibiots and by Sunday I felt a ton better. Being pregnant I was not sure what I could take by my ob was very sweet and reassured me that everything I was on would not harm the baby at all. Huge relief cuz I needed relief.

Larkin comes homes Tuesday night and will be home till Saturday. Yea!! We are having Mitch's fall festival b-day party on Friday night. We are really excited and are working on getting the house all decorated. We have like 13 kids coming. You know what that means, lots of excitement and energy running around. Take those 13 kids and add parents to it and we could open our own small church. j/k!!

Ok I need to scrub floors here at work before leaving at 4pm. I'm ready to go get my b-day boy. He was on cloud nine last night when my girlfriend and I took him to Olive Garden. She had her two little ones and a friends little one. We got him a cake with a candle and sang Happy B-day to him. He really dug into his cake and loved blowing out his candle. This year he is way more into it than last year. Man I wish I would have had my camera on me to take pictures last night. He loved it!!

I can not wait till Friday. This week is going to either fly by cuz I have so much to get done or it'll go slow cuz I'm so excited for it.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Thomas Recall

Ok so last night Mitch and I were sitting on the couch and I looked down and he had green paint all over his teeth. So of course I freaked and wondered where it came from. Well he dug out a Thomas the train that I put up named Percy. You all may know of this little guy. Well I take it from him and he is screaming train, train, train. I thought I'm tramatizing (sp) my child by taking away all of his trains. So today I look up the recall on the trains to see if I'm being a freak or not. Well sure enough not all of these trains contain the lead paint that is known to be harmful to our children. Not even the blue one (Thomas) that everyone has been freaking about. So I thought I would help some of you Thomas parents and share this recall website with you.

If someone knows of any additional info I gladly welcome it. I'm not ready 100% to give them all back to him to play with incase they do other recalls but I thought it would at least help make me feel better. I hope this is helpful to you!!

Oh and about the green teeth. I'm just going to contine to work with him and disipline him on not chewing on everything in site like a doggy!!!

Wonderful Surprise!

We are smack dab in the middle of our long stretch of Larkin being gone. He will be home next Tuesday evening and will be home for about 3 1/2 days. It was a great surprise on Monday he walked through the door of my shop around 1pm. I was in shocked and of course asked him what the heck he was doing. I knew playing hooky was not going to be the answer because he is so dedicated to work. He had an almost 24 hour lay over in Atlanta so instead of spending the night there he came home to spend the time with us. Mitch was in heaven to see his Daddy!! They had so much fun playing the night way. Mitch acted goofy and showed off all night. He loves his Daddy! It was such a wonderful surprise and makes our time waiting for him to come home not nearly as long.
I must admit I think Larkin was a little surprised at the growth of my belly. It's growing a lot faster than it did with Mitch. This week I'll be 14 weeks pregnant though and am feeling really good. Those mornings of nausea have gone away and my energy is picking up a little. I still want to sleep a lot but it's not nearly as bad as the first 12 weeks. I'm getting the growth muscle aches and pains but they just come and go randomly. I'm loving being pregnant again. I love this feeling!! I can't wait for the baby to come for me to hold a litlte bundle of joy again. I don't have any pictures of my pregnant to date but I'll have Larkin take some next week. We need to get on the ball with picture taking.