Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Thomas Recall

Ok so last night Mitch and I were sitting on the couch and I looked down and he had green paint all over his teeth. So of course I freaked and wondered where it came from. Well he dug out a Thomas the train that I put up named Percy. You all may know of this little guy. Well I take it from him and he is screaming train, train, train. I thought I'm tramatizing (sp) my child by taking away all of his trains. So today I look up the recall on the trains to see if I'm being a freak or not. Well sure enough not all of these trains contain the lead paint that is known to be harmful to our children. Not even the blue one (Thomas) that everyone has been freaking about. So I thought I would help some of you Thomas parents and share this recall website with you.

If someone knows of any additional info I gladly welcome it. I'm not ready 100% to give them all back to him to play with incase they do other recalls but I thought it would at least help make me feel better. I hope this is helpful to you!!

Oh and about the green teeth. I'm just going to contine to work with him and disipline him on not chewing on everything in site like a doggy!!!


Tracy said...

Isn't it just crazy about all these recalls. You would think in this day and age stuff like this would not be happening!