Friday, August 31, 2007

So ready!

Boy I have about 1 foot out the door right now. I'm so ready for my 3 day Labor Day weekend. Even though Larkin will be working and my family all heads to FL on Sunday I'm still looking forward to the relaxing time off.

Mitch and I are going to a cook out at a friends house tomorrow, Saturday. Sunday we have a football game (I coach cheerleading.) Then Monday we are going to chill, get some house work done, and then get some shopping done for the shop. Oh I'm so looking forward to the sleep in days. Well all except Sunday cuz of church. Hey I'll take two sleep in days, it's better than none. Now I just pray Mitch sleeps past 630am.

Have a wonderful Labor Day! I'll touch base when I get back. We have kept the internet out of our home so at work is my only online in touch network. Love ya all and enjoy!

Thursday, August 30, 2007


Does anyone know any sites you can go to, to get cool backrounds to customize your blog profile? I have been searching but am only finding ones for myspace and their codes won't work in blogger. Help!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Mitch's Earthly Heaven

As many of you know, Larkin, Mitch, and I were in a moving transistion for about a year and a half. One thing that bothered me more than anything was not having a room for Mitch to call his own. I always dreamed about how I wanted to do his nursery. Well now I'm proud to say that he has his own room/play area. He loves it! I know he was to young to understand and never will or care but ya know how it is being a parent and wanting to give them everything you can. He will be 2 in October and is such a happy, playful little guy. I adore him! I just wanted to share pics of his room we did for him. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Oh Baby!

We had a baby appointment yesterday. Everything is looking really great. The baby double in size in the past two weeks which was exciting to see. The heart rate is still real strong and everything looked great. I'll go back in 4 weeks for my next check.

My camera was found. Praise God!!!! One of the guys that played the softball game with us actually had it. Crazy!! Oh I was so stressed over that camera.
Our consignment sale was a huge hit!! We had double the amount of items and double the shoppers as last time. Yea!! Now we are just praying for double the money.

I had a real busy weekend and I'm glad it has come to an end. I started my 530am mornings this week. Up at 530am and to work by 645am. It's early but my day ends earlier at 245pm. I'm hoping it'll give me a chance to get more rest in the evenings.

Here are some recent pics I took of Mitch this weekend.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Oh I forgot to tell you. I'm about in tears and sick. On Sunday our mom's group had a softball game. My book bag was left behind that contained my $800+ camera and my $150+ palm pilot. I'm not only lost with out my palm pilot but I am sick in my stomach. I could seriously puke!! I know it's just material items but they are the only two expensive material items I own. We called around every where and have checked with everyone. Eeeeerrrrr!!!

Crazy Begins!!!

Tomorrow my crazy weekend begins. We had a mom's group that started last October. We put together our first consignment sale this past spring and this weekend is our second sale. We are really excited. Our consignors have almost doubled in number. Yea!! Set up is tonight, tomorrow is consignor drop off and the pre-sale, and then Friday and Saturday are sale days. Pray for us (me) that we make it through. :)

I'll post Monday if I don't get a chance before. Thank God for Larkin being home this week/weekend.

Monday, August 20, 2007

I'm Surviving!

Not a bad weekend! My in-laws and Larkin's sisters and nephew came to visit for a few days. You know company is always so much enjoyed but there are certainly times when it's nice to get your home back. Mitch had fun and played his little heart out.

Yesterday our mom's group played a softball game against 94.1kx. It rained cats and dogs but we had so much fun. I didn't play the game but I was a great cheerleader (wink, wink.) Mitch slept during the entire game which is a good thing because he would have been so wet from the rain.

Baby Newby is doing good growing away in my belly. I have been feeling real good with a few naseau waves here and there. I think I am definitly going to be showing eariler than what I did with Mitch, yuck!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Just a ticken!!

Our ultrasound appointment for baby Newby yesterday went really good. They did a stomach ultrasound and a vaginal. This early along they never see much on a stomach because I have a tilted uterus. My issues!!! On the vaginal we got a great shot at our little raisin. Baby was measureing 6 weeks 5 days and had a nice strong heart rate of 120. They said it appeared to be a normal healthy pregnancy. Yippy skippy!!

The bleeding last Friday came from a blood sack outside of the fetal sack that was no where near the baby or would effect the baby in any way. They said certain ways I sit or move or certain ways the baby moves may cause it to leak. They said it'll either dry up or slowly drain. Crazy but good news.

Here is little ones first official picture. The arrow points to the little one.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Good Results!

Ok I'll make this a quick one. I talked to my ob and my blood work looked really good. Yea!!! Huge stress releif!! I still go for my ultrasound on Wednesday and then another blood work appointment on the 27th. Yea baby Newby is on his/her way. I'm so excited!

Bun in the oven!

Yup you guessed it, Newby Baby #2 is on it's way. Due to arrive early April of 2008. For the past week I have been feeling a little ill and my belly was feeling really tight and bloated. I kept complaining that I needed to start my period or I was going to explode. This past Thursday I was working and could not take it any more. I knew I had to be late with my period and just had to know if I was pregant so I could get it off my mind. So my mom went to buy me a test (since I had to keep working.) Yes I took the lovely test in the bathroom of Mel's Sweets N' Treats. Oh the memories I'll have of this place!! Anyway my mom and friend Angel were here. It took Angel and I both reading to really believe what we were seeing. Yup, a big ol' + sign!!! I of course called Larkin right way.

We are very excited. We were going to start "trying" at the end of the year but at the same time since having Mitchell we have not really done anything to prevent.

On Friday morning I started to bleed a little bit. Of course it freaked me out. I called the dr and the had me come down for blood work and my first round of patoson (sp) shots. One in each butt cheek. Ouch!! This Wednesday I go for an ultrasound. I'm waiting today to hear back about my blood work.

Thoughts and prayers would be super appreciated. We are more than thrilled and excited to have a new Newby baby in the household.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Growing Up Sucks!!

Do you ever feel like hanging yourself because of money? I know it tends to be a real personal issue for some people but honestly so many middle class citizens today are slowly becoming low class because of todays demands and culture. Larkin and I have oil heat in our home and I can not even think about the cost of filling up our tank this winter. Honestly I'm thinking of building a pit in my living room to build a fire in. Either that or Elliott needs to get some hair so he can be a better cuddle dog.

Anyway I'm just having a really bad money day. Do you know how much an electric bill is at a small business that operatates 2 heavy duty freezers, an ice maker, a soft serve machine, an air conditoner, and a few small appliances is a month? Try $400+ for the month of July. Yes that is accurate! So I called our wonderful Pennsylvania Power and Light company to make payment arrangements so I did not fall behind. OH NO, they DO NOT do payments for business. So pay the bill or you get your electric shut off and I can't operate my business which brings in no money to pay the bill anyway. Oh I was hot!!

So I have endulged in some Hershey's Green Mint Ice Cream and I'm feeling a tad bit better. Now I'm going to go count my tips for the past two weeks to see if I can use my play money for bills. Yea, yea!! Talk to ya soon!

This is a picture of the outside of my shop taken last summer. My unit is the one on the far left on the corner.

Mitch at the shop a little over a year ago. (Before he got teeth)

Outside of my shop last summer. This is my home away from home.

Monday, August 6, 2007

An AH HA Moment!

I wanted to share something with you. When doing my reading last night in a book called Laughter & Latte by Women of Faith I stumbled upon an incite that I wanted to share. Remember that we are all children of God. No on is perfect and everyone is made different. This means that we will all have different views and do not see eye to eye.

I have personally been experiencing this a lot lately. I was taking it really personal that some people did not see eye to eye with me on some of the visions God was laying on me. I felt they needed to agree with me but what I learned is that it was my vision from God, not theirs. After Pastor Gary’s message yesterday and then finding this, I had an ah ha moment. God said that this is all for HIM, to lay my worries and fears at his feet. That as long as I’m honoring and glorifying him in all that I do, the negative opinions of others do not matter.

So with all the being said I hope this inspires you to live your life for God. Strive to make him your #1. Listen to others and be acceptant of their differences.

True friendships are characterized by
Grace, Truth, Forgiveness, Unselfishness,
Boundaries, Care, and Love in GIGANTIC
and mutual proportions.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Weekend In/Weekend Out

Man weekends go by way to fast now a days. I try to always take of Saturday and Sundays to spend with Mitch. For the month of August Larkin has to work weekends so it's nice Mommy and Mitch time. Yesterday I was off all day but today, Sunday, I had to come in and cover 2 1/2 hours. Not bad but it still breaks up my day.
Yesterday was fun though! We got up bright and early at 530am to head into my sisters to have a big community yard sale. It was fun and we all made out good.
Mitch and I then headed with our mom's group down to Harrisburg for a Three Little Pigs Theater show. Oh my gosh it was so cute!! It was actually acted and performed by 4 actors/actresses. It was a real small theater but it was interacitve and so great for kids. Mitch loved it!
We were home by 4pm and in our pjs. We spent the night cuddling and watching tv. We don't get to do this much and we so enjoyed it. It makes getting up for church so much easier on Sundays also. I need to promise myself to do this more on Saturday nights.
We didn't take any pics at the theater so I don't have any to share. Sorry!! It was a great enjoyed day.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Mom's Group

Ok so you know I have to always promote right. Hehehehe, lol!! I'm part of this kick but mom's group. Mom's With a Purpose

We are mom's of all back rounds and such. Some of us stay at home, some work part time, and some work full time. Some work 2 jobs some have brown hair, some have blonde. Ok so your getting the point right. We are all different but we all have a few things in common. We love God and we love our children. This girls have been so good for me since moving back to PA. I love them.

We are getting ready for our fall consignment sale. If you live in PA, check it out. These girls put a lot of passion into it and we love doing this for our community. I'll share a picture with you of some of the girls in the group. This is not all of them but it's some.

New to this!

Well I'm new to this world of blogging. Well sorta!! I have been doing it on myspace but it's so limited to what you can do and takes forever to post pictures. I'm excited to have a place to keep in touch and share our joys and sorrows. I hope you'll check in on us and subscribe to my blog. Here are a few recent pictures of us now. I'm sure it'll take me a while to learn my way around the world of blogging so bear with me.