Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Mitch's Earthly Heaven

As many of you know, Larkin, Mitch, and I were in a moving transistion for about a year and a half. One thing that bothered me more than anything was not having a room for Mitch to call his own. I always dreamed about how I wanted to do his nursery. Well now I'm proud to say that he has his own room/play area. He loves it! I know he was to young to understand and never will or care but ya know how it is being a parent and wanting to give them everything you can. He will be 2 in October and is such a happy, playful little guy. I adore him! I just wanted to share pics of his room we did for him. Enjoy!


Moms2bugs said...

Wow It looks great! So are you planning on getting a new crib for the baby or moving him to a bigger bed before number 2 comes? I bet he loves his new room!

GypseeMommy said...

I was going to ask the very same question that Jaimie just did, LOL.

The room looks great. And I totally know how you feel about his room, even though he really could probably care less. Caila slept in our room as a baby and I still had to go out and get a bed for her room just so she would have a room that was put together. How silly is that!? LOL