Friday, August 31, 2007

So ready!

Boy I have about 1 foot out the door right now. I'm so ready for my 3 day Labor Day weekend. Even though Larkin will be working and my family all heads to FL on Sunday I'm still looking forward to the relaxing time off.

Mitch and I are going to a cook out at a friends house tomorrow, Saturday. Sunday we have a football game (I coach cheerleading.) Then Monday we are going to chill, get some house work done, and then get some shopping done for the shop. Oh I'm so looking forward to the sleep in days. Well all except Sunday cuz of church. Hey I'll take two sleep in days, it's better than none. Now I just pray Mitch sleeps past 630am.

Have a wonderful Labor Day! I'll touch base when I get back. We have kept the internet out of our home so at work is my only online in touch network. Love ya all and enjoy!