Thursday, September 6, 2007


Oh I'm feeling so blah today. I'm eating some healthy dry Kashi cereal to keep myself from running to the bathroom. Ok this is a totally different pregnancy for me. I did not have this at all with Mitch. But at the same time I was a stay at home wife at the time and did not have the pressure of having to get up to go to work and all that fun stuff. I am tired as all get out. I'm begging Larkin to come in and work my last two hours of the day for me today. I'm sure he will cuz he is sweet like that. I have cheerleading tonight too. Bummer! I would skip but it's parents meeting night.

Ok so about the computer in the home. Yea if I was a stay at home mom and did not have computer access ALL DAY at work it would drive me nuts. However I only get to spend 6 hours (if I'm lucky) with Mitch and Larkin after work before we go to bed. That also includes my time of cooking dinner, cleaning, and doing misc stuff around the house. I know I'm a lot luckier than most working parents cuz 6 hours is a nice amount of time but I just like to enjoy it minus as many distractions as possible. We are getting used to it. OH AND we can only get dial up at our house in the coutry. No DSL!! Yup we are in good 'ol PA. You guys down south thought you were in the boon docks, nope you need to come see where we live. I LOVE IT!!!!

So anybody up for visit? Snow will be here in about 3 months!!!!


GypseeMommy said...

I'm so sorry you're feeling yucky! My pregnancies were totally different too. Then again, my kids are total opposites too! LOL. Hopefully you won't feel so yucky the whole time though.

As for the internet, I think its awesome that you've eliminated that distraction! I absolutely wish I could too. But Terry and I would both be lost. Plus he has so much work on the computer and the girls are enrolled in a virtual school, so its a must. But there are plenty of times I wish it wasn't even there!