Monday, September 24, 2007

Here we go!

Here we go for another long stretch of Larkin being gone. I'm so tired already and it's only been 3 days. He'll be gone until October 10th. He took up an extra job in Jacksonville, FL on his off days. Well not all of his off days but probably at least 2 times a month. It's really nice extra money and something we need right now. Please pray for me to get through this time.

Our weekend was nice and relaxing. Friday night we went over to a friends house for cooking out around a campfire. Larkin was home so we were able to go as a family. Saturday Mitch and I went to Toys R Us to get his b-day gift and then headed to the new Wegmans. Ok if you have never been in a Wegmans you need to make strong effort to go online and find one close to you. It was awesome! Saturday night my sister and her family were camping (they just got a new camper) so we went over to see them and once again hang out and cook out around a camp fire. Sunday we went to church and then we had a football game that I had to coach at. We wrapped the evening up around 630pm.

My movie watch this weekend was Dream Girls. Not to bad! A typical story of fame and the glamors and unglamors of holywood life style. I probably wouldn't desire to watch it again but would watch it if nothing else was on tv.

Well I think that is it of my life for now. I have my next ob appointment on Wednesday. I think this is just a blood work appointment. I'll be 13 weeks on Thursday so I don't think I'm due for another ultrasound until I'm 20 weeks. We'll see, I'll keep you posted!



Moms2bugs said...

Girl I don't know how you do it with Larkin being gone so much. Danny has been gone for three nights and I am about to go crazy. Not that I can't handle the kids on my own because I do that all the time anyways. But just not having him here is so hard. I will be thinking about you. I can't believe he will miss Mitch's birthday.