Saturday, January 26, 2008

Please stay away!

Sickness please stay away! I started feeling nauseated tonight and went into panic mode. My sister and nephew got sick with the throwing up bug. Even though we were not around them during their actual "episode" we were the night before. I of course panicked because we leave tomorrow at 10am for the airport for Disney. I thought no way can I get this. PLEASE GOD!!! If anything let me get it after we get down there so we can at least make the travel. Well I took a Zantac and ate some pretzels and am actually feeling fine now. I'm hoping and praying it was just pregnancy stuff.

So I dropped Elliott off at the kennel tonight. Man I miss that big lug when he is not around. He is honestly the perfect dog for our family. Mitch was eating and I had to clean up after his dropped food on the floor cuz Elliott was not here to do it for me. (sigh) It'll be a lonely night without him. I worry about him like a child. When I dropped him off Mitch and I sat in the van for a few minutes just watching him play in the play yard making sure he was ok.

So we are headed to bed soon but just wanted to send one more quick blog out to ask for wellness prayers. :) Have a great week!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bouncing Back!

Why is it that kids bounce back so much quicker than we do as adults. I think for my Mitch it's because he gets so focused on playing that nothing else stands in the way. Actually yesterday he was so down and out that anything probably felt better than the way he felt yesterday. He had me up till 1am last night though and the back up at 7am. Boy was I bushed today!

Baby Newby is really moving around today. I'm getting those good thumps and rolls that every mommy loves to feel. You know though, I thought I escaped the indigestion and heart burn with this pregnancy. With Mitch I had it so bad my entire pregnancy that I was on previcid every day. I could hardly eat anything. I thought with me being so far along that with this one I escaped it but NOPE!!! I have been miserable the past 3 days. My ob suggested Zantac. Has anyone ever taken this? I'm so nervous about taking anything pregnant but if they say it's ok I'm so desperate right now to be able to eat with out being in pain. Seriously EVERYTHING I eat burns going down. Even bread!

Well little man fell asleep at a descent time so I was taking advantage of the time and doing tax stuff. YUCK!! Closing out the business is not fun stuff. I'm headed to bed though. I had my fun for one night. I left you with a picture of Mitch and his best buddy!!

Monday, January 21, 2008


Yes our house feels very infected with germs. It all started about 1 1/2 ago when I came down with a miserable head and chest cold. Being pregnant I just sorta roughed through it. Larkin came home last Monday night and brought a cold home with him. He had horrible body aches and pains, congestion, and sinus crap. Yesterday/last night my precious Mitchell started getting sick. He has been so miserable fighting a high temp all night and into today. He is so lethargic and just laying around. Does it not suck when your little ones get sick. We leave this coming Sunday for Disney so we'll be excited to get out of the house.

On Friday night even Elliott (our dog) gave us a scare. Larkin put out mouse bate and we are guessing our bottomless pit dog decided to try and get into it. We are still not sure exactly how but I came home from a friends house to find his nose swelled double in size. He also had swelling down his neck into his throat and his left side of his body. Talk about freakin' me out. So into the vet him and I went. We caught it early enough so they gave him a steroid shot for the swelling and he has to be on vitamin K-12 for 21 days. YES, 21 DAYS!!! Thank goodness he is really good at taking medicine with the help of peanut butter.

Baby Newby is back to measuring on target so we have our March 27th c-section date still scheduled. Yea!!!!

So that is the beginning of the year excitement for our family. Along with packing for Disney this week my goal is to get my little guy feeling up to par for the travel to Disney. You know little ones, they bounce back so fast. Probably after a good day at home with him he'll be feeling a lot better. I praise and thank God that I am able to be a stay at home mom with him and choose our schedule. :)

I thought I would end with some pictures. Have a great week and take care!

Riding his John Deere tractor that his Papa and Papa Newby got him (he calls both of Larkin's parents papa!!)

Mitch playing at Gymboree Gym.

Mitchell helping Mommy makes some brownies. He loves to cook (or should I say eat the batter!!)

Friday, January 4, 2008

I am WOMEN!!!

Oh yes fun, today I got reminded of how lovely it is to be a child bearing women. **Disclaimer and forewarning to all men who are going to read this oh so fun "women" stuff.**

Today I went for my sugar testing at the obgyn. Basically to check and see if I'm developing pregnancy diabetes. Well after measuring my oh so growing belly they doctor determined that I am 27 weeks pregnant but measuring 29. At my last appointment I measured 2 weeks ahead as well. Nothing to be to concerned about. However with my past medical history with my cervix she decided to do an internal exam to check the length of my cervix. While "in there" she also wanted to perform another test to check to see if I could go into pre term labor. Can I just say OH MY GOSH!!! Ouch!! Hello doctors is all of this really necessary??

So after all that fun I had to wait about another 45 minutes before they could take my blood from drinking that lovely sugar syrup for my sugar test. Ok can I just say that I feel EVERY nurse, doctor, etc should be able to take blood and if they can't that stay the heck away from me!!!! No to be fair, I have horrible, small, rolling veins that once poked like to clot and disappear. I had 4 people poke me 4 times to take 4 vials of blood. I was sitting in the same chair for 45 minutes while everyone looked at my arms and told me how horrible my veins were. I now have a black and blue right hand, right arm, and left arm. Oh yes and the black and blue marks WILL double in size by the end of the weekend making it look like I shoot up.

So 2 hours after entering the ob office I left and made a beeline for Starbucks to make my horrible morning better. Good news though, baby is kicking like a crazy man and his heart rate is great. We go see him on January 16th for an ultrasound for baby measurements.

We had a wonderful New Years and I hope you and your family and friends did as well. We enjoyed the week with the in-laws visiting. Everyone left today and I got left with a tired little Mitchell. He had a blast!!