Saturday, January 26, 2008

Please stay away!

Sickness please stay away! I started feeling nauseated tonight and went into panic mode. My sister and nephew got sick with the throwing up bug. Even though we were not around them during their actual "episode" we were the night before. I of course panicked because we leave tomorrow at 10am for the airport for Disney. I thought no way can I get this. PLEASE GOD!!! If anything let me get it after we get down there so we can at least make the travel. Well I took a Zantac and ate some pretzels and am actually feeling fine now. I'm hoping and praying it was just pregnancy stuff.

So I dropped Elliott off at the kennel tonight. Man I miss that big lug when he is not around. He is honestly the perfect dog for our family. Mitch was eating and I had to clean up after his dropped food on the floor cuz Elliott was not here to do it for me. (sigh) It'll be a lonely night without him. I worry about him like a child. When I dropped him off Mitch and I sat in the van for a few minutes just watching him play in the play yard making sure he was ok.

So we are headed to bed soon but just wanted to send one more quick blog out to ask for wellness prayers. :) Have a great week!


Moms2bugs said...

Hope you guys have fun! I will say a little prayer for the sickness!