Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bouncing Back!

Why is it that kids bounce back so much quicker than we do as adults. I think for my Mitch it's because he gets so focused on playing that nothing else stands in the way. Actually yesterday he was so down and out that anything probably felt better than the way he felt yesterday. He had me up till 1am last night though and the back up at 7am. Boy was I bushed today!

Baby Newby is really moving around today. I'm getting those good thumps and rolls that every mommy loves to feel. You know though, I thought I escaped the indigestion and heart burn with this pregnancy. With Mitch I had it so bad my entire pregnancy that I was on previcid every day. I could hardly eat anything. I thought with me being so far along that with this one I escaped it but NOPE!!! I have been miserable the past 3 days. My ob suggested Zantac. Has anyone ever taken this? I'm so nervous about taking anything pregnant but if they say it's ok I'm so desperate right now to be able to eat with out being in pain. Seriously EVERYTHING I eat burns going down. Even bread!

Well little man fell asleep at a descent time so I was taking advantage of the time and doing tax stuff. YUCK!! Closing out the business is not fun stuff. I'm headed to bed though. I had my fun for one night. I left you with a picture of Mitch and his best buddy!!


Moms2bugs said...

I hope your heart burn gets better! I love that picture! Too cute!