Wednesday, September 26, 2007

13 Weeks

As of tomorrow I will be 13 weeks pregnant. Yea!! :) This pregnancy is going by a lot faster than my first with Mitch. I hope I feel that way towards the end also. Today I have a doctors appointment. I'm not sure exactly what they will do at this one. We won't find out till week 20 what we are having. Right now those little body parts are to tiny. Baby has developed his/her arms and legs though. We won't get to see all that today because I'm not due for an ultrasound. Today they will just check stats and all that not so fun stuff.
This is a completely different pregnacy in so many ways. With Mitch I was high risk so I got to see him every 10 days with an ultrasound. With this little one it's completly by faith because I don't get to visually see him/her as often. It is becoming more of a reality though. My belly is starting to grow more and more and I have been feeling a lot of muscle tugs and pulls as my body changes. Sometimes I question if it's just gas (which it probably is.)
Well I would appologize for the rambling but that is what these blogs are for, right? I hope all of you are doing good. Thank you for your comments and letting me know your reading. Sometimes I feel like I'm rambling to no one. LOL!!
Oh and picture taking does decrease the older your children get unless it's a special occasion. I was trying to dig out a picture of Mitch from the month of September and was having no luck. I have cheerleading pictures and that is about it. How pitiful!! I'll work on getting some. Next month is b-day month for Mitch so I'm sure I'll have plenty to share then.


GypseeMommy said...

Well don't feel like you're talking to no one, cause I'm always dropping by :)

Can't wait to see birthday pic!!