Monday, August 6, 2007

An AH HA Moment!

I wanted to share something with you. When doing my reading last night in a book called Laughter & Latte by Women of Faith I stumbled upon an incite that I wanted to share. Remember that we are all children of God. No on is perfect and everyone is made different. This means that we will all have different views and do not see eye to eye.

I have personally been experiencing this a lot lately. I was taking it really personal that some people did not see eye to eye with me on some of the visions God was laying on me. I felt they needed to agree with me but what I learned is that it was my vision from God, not theirs. After Pastor Gary’s message yesterday and then finding this, I had an ah ha moment. God said that this is all for HIM, to lay my worries and fears at his feet. That as long as I’m honoring and glorifying him in all that I do, the negative opinions of others do not matter.

So with all the being said I hope this inspires you to live your life for God. Strive to make him your #1. Listen to others and be acceptant of their differences.

True friendships are characterized by
Grace, Truth, Forgiveness, Unselfishness,
Boundaries, Care, and Love in GIGANTIC
and mutual proportions.


April said...

Okay, so I fiddled around with it today and I think I figured it ALL out. I now have English as my set language of choice!!!!!!!
I started on a page myself but not real sure how I will do with it. Blogging is a bit scary to me. I guess just the whole putting myself out there for people to see or read in this case!
But anyway.... don't you just love those ah ha moments in life? It's like you get this feeling of "finaly I get it" or "finally THEY get it". I think I sometimes love to just see the expression when someone else has one of those moments. And it's even better when those moments help you better yourself and your life.