Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Growing Up Sucks!!

Do you ever feel like hanging yourself because of money? I know it tends to be a real personal issue for some people but honestly so many middle class citizens today are slowly becoming low class because of todays demands and culture. Larkin and I have oil heat in our home and I can not even think about the cost of filling up our tank this winter. Honestly I'm thinking of building a pit in my living room to build a fire in. Either that or Elliott needs to get some hair so he can be a better cuddle dog.

Anyway I'm just having a really bad money day. Do you know how much an electric bill is at a small business that operatates 2 heavy duty freezers, an ice maker, a soft serve machine, an air conditoner, and a few small appliances is a month? Try $400+ for the month of July. Yes that is accurate! So I called our wonderful Pennsylvania Power and Light company to make payment arrangements so I did not fall behind. OH NO, they DO NOT do payments for business. So pay the bill or you get your electric shut off and I can't operate my business which brings in no money to pay the bill anyway. Oh I was hot!!

So I have endulged in some Hershey's Green Mint Ice Cream and I'm feeling a tad bit better. Now I'm going to go count my tips for the past two weeks to see if I can use my play money for bills. Yea, yea!! Talk to ya soon!

This is a picture of the outside of my shop taken last summer. My unit is the one on the far left on the corner.

Mitch at the shop a little over a year ago. (Before he got teeth)

Outside of my shop last summer. This is my home away from home.


Moms2bugs said...

I know how you feel! We usually don't pay our gas bill cause Danny's grandfather the landlord has told us from the start he would pay it. This year he said we have to pay atleast half of it. Which is more than we can afford.

Charlie Brown's Teacher said...

Ugh! Your not alone!I go thru this often. Just when you think you have it under control something unexpected happens...like us...our pump went out on our well at the same time the morgage was due. Hmmm...morgage...water? What's that saying...robbing Peter to pay Paul? This to shall pass,at least we can only hope!:-)