Monday, December 3, 2007

Snow, Snow, Let it Snow!!

About a week ago we woke up with a few snow flurries on the ground. Mitch was so excited when he looked outside. We headed out to the living room where he peered out the front window just watching it fall. Unfortunately it only lasted about a day. Well yesterday and today we are getting bitter cold wind and snow. It's laying on the ground now. Not a lot of accumulation but oh goodness it's cold. Mitch is so excited and Elliott acts like the snow is going to melt him. Once he gets though he runs around like the crazy dog he is.

The day after Thanksgiving we put our tree up. I love this time of year. It makes the home so cozy and warm. Well warm if you can over look the bitter cold 30 degree day time weather outside. Mitch has been good so far with the tree. He broke one ornament the first night but after he realized that throwing the balls will make them break he pretty much kept his hands off of them. He brings me ornaments here and there but for the most party he is listening to mommy. I put the nativity up this weekend so that is his new toy. My mom purposely bought me a none breakable nativity that we love.

I just wanted to share some of our Christmas updates with you. We are doing good for the most part. Just getting through the financial fun of the Christmas season. We count our blessings though and thank God we are in A LOT better place than what we were last year at this time. Have a blessed week and I'll yap soon.

These pictures were taken during our first snow fall about a week ago.

Looking off of our back deck.

Mitch very excited watching the snow fall.

Elliott weathering the storm!! (so he thinks)


Moms2bugs said...

Yay for SNOW!! We got a little here today too. We were all excited at the preschool looking out the windows. But it only lasted for a bit.