Sunday, April 6, 2008

Settling In!

We are getting settled in really good. Tonight Marshall and I had a night home alone with Daddy took Mitch to a magic show fundraiser. Marshall stayed wide eyed and we enjoyed our time together. I'm not nervous to have both boys alone together but I know the first time is going to be a tad of an adjustment. Mitch is accepting Marshall really good but at the same time he has Larkin and I both to share our time with him. So I'll be curious to see how he does once Larkin returns to work and I have to divide my time between the two of them. I pray the jealously does not kick in then.

Today Marshall is 9 days old and is doing really good. He is drinking 2-3 oz of bottle at a time which is great for a newborn. He is still so tiny! At his 1 week appointment he weighed 6lb 3oz. We have to take him back again this Thursday for a check up because of how tiny he is. The pediatrician just wants to keep an eye on him for a good month. He said he is doing great though!! Yea little peanut!

Ok I'm getting ready for my 12am (midnight) feeding but I thought I would write a quick blog. Thanks to everyone who reads for reading!!


The Popes said...

He is so beautiful!