Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What I have been up to!!

So what have I been up to. Lets see, crafting of course, a baby parade, shots today with Marshall, and my brother moving in with us. My brother returned from Iraq and will be staying with us a few weeks. Our local carnival started on Monday. There is always a baby parade to kick of the carnival. This years theme was animals on safari so we got my brother in laws tractor decked out and had a great time dressing the kids for it.

Craft wise, I have been getting my supplies and goodies together for our PA Shoebox Swap this Saturday. I made my SCS card for the troops tonight. Might redo, not sure if I like it. The BOO page is for my SCS October Secret Sister. I figure you can never get enough of pre-made pages.

Of course I have to include a sweet picture of my boys hanging out today. Mitch was helping Marshall play with is little jungle toy.


Joyce said...

I love your blog!!
Great Pictures and LO's too!!!

~ Joyce from Life Preservers

April said...

What a cute idea for the parade!!!! They look so adorable all locked up in the cage! I think I'm number 99......one more view to go before 100 and blog candy. Yay!!!!!

Moms2bugs said...

How cute! I would have loved to see that!