Monday, September 22, 2008

Is vacation really over?

We got back from vacation a week ago but it feels like forever. We had such a fabulous time and really enjoyed ourselves. I promise I'll post pictures soon. I do have some on my myspace page. We expected the boys to have multiple breakdowns but they seriously did so awesome. Mitch would be a little quiet at times when he was getting sleepy but that was about it. We just operated on Mitch and Marshall time and it worked perfect. I can not say enough about Disney Cruise Lines. All I can say is GO!!!! It was the most wonderful experience we absolutely loved it. Castaway Cay was beautiful, so secluded, and private. The boys loved the beach and it was a wonderful relaxing day. We did visit Nassau as well and enjoyed our day site seeing and shopping there.

I'll post pics soon!


April said...

I'm so glad you guys had such a great time on your vacation! The pictures are great! I know how you feel, vacations just don't last long enough and once your home you feel like it had been forever ago that you went! I'm glad the boys did so well.