Friday, October 24, 2008

B-day Gifts

Next Friday (31st) is my 31st birthday. My parents headed out of town today for vacation so my step dad gave me my b-day gifts early. I was so excited, he made me a ribbon rack to store my ribbons on and then another little shelf to keep small spools, ink pads, etc on. I love both of them and was so excited. Of course I came home and organized right way. The only thing I noticed is I need a few more spools of larger ribbon to fill my rack (winks.) The sad thing is I have probably double that much ribbon not on spools that was bought by the yard at one point or another. They are all stored in zip log bags. Here are some pics for you to see my wonderful gifts.


April said...

What a great gift!!!! Very thoughtful! He did a great job! And of course you need more ribbon....wink wink!

Angie Williams said...

Happy Birthday!!! From a fellow blog sister!

Moira said...

Love the ribbon racks - very cool.

And happy belated birthday!!