Monday, November 10, 2008

Day 9 and going nuts!

Well today serves as day 9 of computer "issues." I got my computer back on Saturday with all my info pulled off of my hard drive (yea!!). So I did my lovely system restore to get my computer back to the factory settings and finally get my computer up and running. Well I quickly discovered that my mother board crashed not allowing my usb ports or my cd/dvd drive to work. So this means no downloading of pictures. I did craft this weekend though making a Christmas border set for a swap. I also created a Thanksgiving day card with my Riley turkey stamp. So hopefully sometime in the close future Dell will return my call and come fix my computer. They are "SUPPOSED" to call me today with a service time.

So blogger #3 friends I promise I'll share some work soon. In the mean time I'll continue to pack my brain with ideas.

Have a great day!


Stephanie said...

Awwww... hope it gets fixed soon!

Jennie said...

Hope you get is it fixed blogging friends are patiently waiting, no worries! :o))) Just keep creating!

Angie Williams said...

Ugh! Hopefully you get the issues worked out soon! I hate it when my computer is acting up! It must be making you crazy!