Saturday, March 14, 2009

Go Ahead and DROOL!!!

On SCS I hosted a Secret Sister Element swap. The "rules" were to create a gift package for a secret sister that consisted of certain elements. They were:

Each kit needs to contain the following elements.
1. 3-4 tubes of stickles
2. 5-10 stamped images
3. 2-3 card kits (each kit should allow your ss to make 1-2 cards)
4. 1 spool of ribbon (atleast 1 yard)
5. Pack of embelishments (bling, brads, eyelets, etc)
6. 1 altered item (this can be a jar, box, can, folder, notepad, etc)

I received my kit from my SS on Thursday and she WAY spoiled me. My kit contained:
4 Bottles of Stickles
4 Spools of Ribbon
Huge bag of Eyelets, Buttons, and Brads
Bag of Primas and Rinestone Embelishments
Bag of assorted shaped paper clips
7 (yes 7) Card Kits (girl you know the weakness to my heart, I LOVE card kits)
Huge bag of stamped images
and last but definitely NOT least an Altered flower tin stuffed FULL of Primas. I LOVE it! I have been searching for a better way to store my Primas and I love this.

Here are some pictures to drool over!!


Tracey said...

Oh Melanie, you have a wonderful and thoughtful secret sister. Thanks for sharing all your goodies and enjoy!

Jaspere said...

That's wonderful. I can't wait to see those card kits put together.

Cheryl Walker said...

That was very sweet of your SS, that sounds like sooo much fun!! Enjoy allyour new goodies!!! :)

Teresa Kline aka va.sunshine said...

wow, what an awesome packacge you have here, enjoy your goodies! *~*

AnnMarie said...

Awesome package! There is much drooling going on over here!! : )

Angie Williams said...

What an awesome package!

Moira said...

What a great kit! You deserved to be spoiled for hosting this! :-)

C - dot said...

wow you totally got spoiled!!! drooling all over the place here!!

AnnMarie said...

Hey there Melanie! :) Stopping by to say hello!

MollyD said...

holy smokes - you got yours already!!! and you were spoiled!!!

Tammy said...