Monday, November 5, 2007

Almost there!

Well I'm almost there. I have almost reached my last day of work. I work tomorrow and then I work next Monday and Tuesday and then I"m done. It feels really weird. Today I went into work and the shop looked so different already. The girl started to rearrange and make things work for her. I'm so happy for her but it just feels weird. I put my heart and life into that place for the past 17 months and it is just crazy that it's almost no longer mine to control or should I say it's no longer going to control me. Ah!!!!!!
Last night Mitch woke up at 230am screaming. Not crying, screaming! It took over an hour to finally get him to an asleep point where I could take him to bed. Nights like that will make me thank the good Lord for being able to sleep in and not go to work. Those sleep in mornings can not come quick enough.


Moms2bugs said...

I bet it does feel weird not being in control there anymore. But you will love getting to just spend your days with the kids and not have to work.