Friday, November 9, 2007


The other night I was laying on my back in bed and felt this little thud. I was like ok is that what I thought it was. So I layed super still and sure enough little one was kicking way. Larkin was even about to feel it. This one is so still in the womb compared to Mitch. Mitch was a wild man in my stomach. I was so excited and have been glowing ever since. I just love being pregnant and love these feelings. Only 2 more weeks and we find out what we are having. Yea!!!
It felt so good this week to be home. I only worked Monday and Tuesday and have been off the rest of the week. I work this coming Monday and Tuesday and then I'm done completely. Well all except finalizing the "business side." That will take place over the next few months.
I hope all of you have a great weekend. We have some fun things planned so I'm sure I'll post with pictures and updates.


Unknown said...

Ohhh I loved it when you could feel them flutter. It is when they start kicking you in the bladder that it is not fun! LOL! Enjoy these precious moments.

Moms2bugs said...

I miss being pregnant! I loved feeling them move around in my belly. I could sit all day and do nothing and just feel them move if I could!