Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Our Day In!

We are enjoying a nice relaxed day in. If anyone has been watching the weather we are getting our first BIG winter storm. Today we are supposed to get 3-4 inches with sleet and freezing rain to top it off after the snow. They just said we have about another 24 hours left of the storm. So tomorrow evening, Wednesday, around 5pm we should see it start to tapper off. I think we already got our 4 inches though and it's still coming down.

So Mitch and I spent the day in relaxing, playing, paying bills, and tidying up. It's nice to have an excuse not to have to go anywhere. I think tonight after dinner I'm going to let him play with play dough for the first time. I'll have to break out the camera. Not sure how he'll do. He does not like dirty hands but he likes to get into messes. Tomorrow I'm hoping I can bundle him up and take him outside for our first snow pictures of the season. So, we'll see!!! Sounds like a busy stressful next couple days for us wouldn't ya say. LOL!!!

For those of you in warmer weather, enjoy!! Sorry your missing all this fun white fluff!!


Moms2bugs said...

Well no luck here with warmer weather. It is snowing like a blizzard here too! I could not beleive my eyes. They were not even calling for it. It covered the ground within 15 min! HUGE chunks of snow.