Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Rough Day!

My poor little Marshall had his 2 month shots yesterday. It was horrible!! His little legs were in so much pain. Then he did not have an appetite so the combination of being hungery and in pain just about broke mommy down. He screamed for 3 hours with about 10-15 minute breaks. Once he fell asleep he was out but it was just getting to that point. He is now weighing in at 9lbs 14oz and 20" long. He's growing but he's still my little peanut. His little waist is starting to thicken up a little.

The other night I worked on a girl swap for one of my swaps. Thought I would share it with you. I really had a blast with it and took my time on it because I don't get to do girl pages.

Today we went to the Deli for an outside lunch and for the boys to play at the play ground. We always have to finish our visit to the deli with ice cream. I could not pass up these awsome pictures.