Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hint, Hint!

You can post as many times as you would like on my blog candy blog, hint, hint!!!

Jaimie, I have the small bug also and love it. I would like to try the larger one but don't see the need for it yet. Brandi, I'm old fashion. I do scrapbooking traditional style. I enjoy using "bling" and can not accessorize the way I want through digital. I love using flowers, brads, fibers, stamps, etc. It's my new thing and also my therapy to sit down and create pages. I spend enough time on the computer. If I did digital, my laptop would never leave my lap!! However I know CM has a fabulous digital line if digital is for you.

Here are some projects from the past 2 days. I'm in a Disney tag swap and completed these tags. I had to make 9 of each but they went by really fast. They were fun to do.

Next is a card swap I did for a swap I'm hosting. I altered this a zillion times and am still not 100% excited with it but I'm still new on the card making stuff. I'm still building my supply so I get frustrated when I don't have something I need to complete a card. Oh well boo hoo for me right. LOL!!!!
After doing my tags and cards I'm ready to get back to my scrapbook pages. I think I'll work on some Thursday night. Tomorrow night we are going to see the American Idol tour in Philly.


twinsand2boys said...

your swap items are great!