Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Idol here I come!!

Tonight my wonderful, loving husband called to tell me he bought me a anniversary gift. He is taking me to Philly to see the American Idol tour on August 8th. Yea, I'm so excited!! I'm so excited also to see who wins next week. The two David's were my top 2 picks but now I'm rooting for David Cook. So we'll kick off our 8th wedding anniversary in Philly and then end it with our Disney cruise in September. I'll be looking forward to the fall.

We spent a nice day in at my sister's today. We had about 75-80 degree weather so we thought it would be nice to cook out and let the boys play. After we noticed the grill was out of gas and the boys wanted to play inside our cook out turned into a cook in. It was still nice hanging out. I love my sister's company. Of course our boys love to torture their Noni so Mitch had a full, fun day. Little Marshall usually sleeps through just about everything. Too cute!! He will be 7 weeks old tomorrow, crazy stuff.

Well both boys are in bed and I'm headed there as well. Enjoy your night!


twinsand2boys said...

How fun to get to go to the AI tour!! What a nice hubby.