Saturday, May 10, 2008

Vacation Dream!!

I'm so excited, about 2 weeks ago Larkin and I started debating about what we wanted to do for our family vacations this year. With the horrible rising cost of gas it's making travel and luxury activities next to impossible. So we decided to combine our vacations this year and do one big one. So we are going to Disney for 4 days and then we are going on a Disney cruise. I'm so excited! Of course we are huge Disney fans or we would not have our Disney Vacation Club. That of course is what is making this all possible. Marshall will be 6 months by then and Mitch will be about 1 month shy of turning 3. It's just going to be us and we are so looking forward to it. So as long as we can get through the summer and make it till September we'll be good to go. I'm sure we'll be calling up friends and family to occupying our summer.
Here is a pic of the boys and I. I finally got my camera up and going.

Marshall Dean Newby, 6 weeks old
Mitchell Ray Newby, May 2008