Friday, May 30, 2008

Me and My Boys!

I had a great day today with my boys. I'm getting more comfortable heading out with them alone. Mitch is becoming such a big boy and listens to me really well. We went to the post office, my local scrapbook store, and the grocery store. They were both champs the entire time. Mitch had a mild break down at the scrapbook store when he realized he could not take home 1 of every sticker in the store.

We came home, got Marshall fed and to bed and then him and I headed outside to water plants. He got a hold of the water hose and had a blast. Thank goodness for digital! I snapped away until I could not take any more pictures. I think they turned out so cute.

Larkin was home over night last night so I worked on some scrapbook pages. This is one that I did of Mitch cleaning the toilet. It was from about a year ago so this shows how far behind I am.