Sunday, July 20, 2008


The other morning Daddy, Mommy, Mitch, and Marshall had cuddle time. We told Mitch that this was his family. He kept saying all day Mitch luv family. It was the sweetest thing! He has really be getting more and more in tuned to Marshall. We have not been forcing Marshall on Mitch but just letting him warm up on his own time.

Today I dropped Marshall off at my mom's so she could watch him while Mitch and I went to church. Marshall does not do real great during service and I'm not quiet ready to leave him in nursery without Larkin or I. When we were backing out of the driveway Mitch kept asking for Marshall and was concerned why we were leaving him behind. As soon as we got in the van after church Mitch told me we had to go get Marshall from Noni's (like I would forget him.)

It's really sweet to see him warming up and starting to be in tuned to him. Tonight he even crawled up on my lap while I was feeding Marshal his night time bottle and he kissed him on the head and said mom I luv him. Warms my heart! These kind of actions have not taken place at all the past 3 1/2 months so we are breaking ground.

I have not been able to get pics of the together at all but yesterday we were successful so I had to share.


April said...

I'm really glad Mitch is starting to "enjoy" having a baby around and as a new part of the family. Jodus took to Leila right away so I wouldn't know how that was feeling in your household. Jodus LOVES Leila but HATES that she is now crawling and getting into all of his things! He doesn't share very well. Let's just leave it at that! We have some work to do!!! Having two is certainly more challenging then just one!