Friday, July 11, 2008

Shopping Adventure!

I am so super tired right now. We had a big day running around. I just had to tell you about two of my new shopping adventures though. First, my mom and I placed an order through the other night and LOVED it. We received our order withing 3 days and everything was packaged great. The prices were resonable and we even got 10% for a July 4th special. We will definitly be shopping there again. Today during some of our running in Harrisburg Larkin took Mitch to see Walle and Marshall and I headed to Hummelstown to Fancy That Scrapbook Boutique. Can I just say OH MY GOSH!! It was absolutly adorable! I found everything I was looking for PLUS SOME. I did budget and limit myself since I just got paid today and I have to worry about gas and grocerys for the next 2 weeks. I will tell you though if you live in the Hummelstown area or any where within an hour, it is WELL WORTH the drive. Check it out!

Also thought I would share my goofy border set I have been working on for a swap. I thought they turned out cute. Now I just need to wrap up my pluto set.

Ok I'm off to bed before I fall asleep at the computer. I'm working on getting a blog counter so I can start doing blog candy. Would anyone be interested? Shoot me a comment and maybe I'll have a surprise for you!!!!!

Nite, Nite!!


twinsand2boys said...

Good to know about the online store. I ordered same weekend and Im still waiting for my order. I like your pluto set :)

twinsand2boys said...

I mean goofy...Im not thinking straight LOL

Christina said...

A blog counter sounds great!! Love your Goofy set!

April said...

I may have to look at that online site! By the way...explain to me what blog candy is. I have heard people talk about this but have no idea what it is. Do tell!!!!

Moms2bugs said...

What is blog candy? My mother in law called me today and asked if i had ever heard of a cricut. She said she wants to buy me one for my birthday if I help her do an album! LOL OF COURSE I WILL! By the way I like your shirt you are wearing on your blog picture! I have that one in two colors! LOL