Sunday, July 20, 2008

Double Blogging!

Two blogs in one night. Wow I'm on a roll. I wanted to share my latest projects with you. I realized I never shared my Pluto border set. I also completed a dinosaur layout for a swap and also a thinking of you card for a church friend. I also worked on getting my kits together for my PA shoebox swap in another 2 weeks. Fun stuff!!

Ok real quick for those of you that asked what blog candy is. Basically once I set up a calculator to see how many visit I get to my blog once it hits 100 I'm going to offer scrapbook/card making goody bag. This is a free gift to you for being a designated reader. I'll continue to give gifts at different counter milestones. So now I need to figure out how to get my calculator on my page. Any suggestions bloggers?

Here is my first creation. My Pluto border set.

My second is my dinsosaur pages. I'm really proud of these. The picture does not do them justice.

Lastly is my thinking of you card. I love these color combos. I love pink and brown together even more. I got the flower at AC Moore on sale quiet some time back and have been dying to use it. It is accented with glitter and so pretty.

Every time I tried to take a picture of my card my helper Mitch stuck his head in the picture. It was actually really cute and a good way for me to get pics of him smiling. The second picture you can see my small little craft area behind him. I work with the space I got!!!


April said...

Looking good Melanie! Your projects are great! Man I need to start doing some more scrapbooking. I haven't done any in almost a year. I will never be caught up! But I guess I do it more for the "hobby" then the actual finishing books! Anyway, you stuff is looking good and I think you are enjoying card making too huh!!!!!!
I love the new background and thanks for explaining blog candy. Also, I have a counter on my page if you want to go and click on it. They give you layed out instructions on how to add one to your page. I know some people have nice fancy ones on there page but I can't find a place that I can get one of this one serves the purpose!
And Jodus does the same thing when I'm trying to take pictures and if he can't get his head in the picture he's at least trying to stick his hand in it!

Someday said...

I use It's free and gives you all kinds of interesting information. Very easy to install and kind of addictive...


twinsand2boys said...

Your stuff is looking great.
As far as a counter goes, you can go to site meter (google it) and sign up for can opt for it to show a counter. Im sure there are others but I dont know what they are. You could google blog counters and probably find several. Good luck!