Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Well I'm slowly recovering from my computer illness. I have not been successful at finding anyone to recover what I lost so I'm slowly recreating files and begging everyone I know for pictures from the past zillion years.

But on the upside my creative mojo has been going really good. I am in the works of creating two sets of Disney borders for an SCS swap. The one is Pluto and the other is Goofy. I'm using my fabulous Cricut to assist me. I love my little Cricut (it's my crafting baby.) I'll post pictures when I finish them.
Let's see what else have I been working on? I finished a color swap white card. I used this same card for a get well swap I participated in. It was really fun and the first time I used fibers. They create a fun, elegant, festive look. I always love creating matching tags to go with.

The second card I have been working on is a boys b-day card for our PA shoebox swap we are doing in August. This is not exactly what I'll be doing but it's along the same lines. I LOVE using the new mesh that I discovered at a local Amish scrapbook store. So we'll see how my actual card turns out. I found Robot paper that I think I'm going to use as the backing on the card we'll see!!

Oh yea and Disney Cricut images. I have been creating TONS of them for swaps, friends, family members, etc. HAVE I SAID THAT I HAVE BEEN CREATING TONS OF DISNEY IMAGES? I think I'm about Disneyned out!!


April said...

So much for not being able to make cards! They are great! I love the fibers. I have never used them before buy may have to invest in some now!!!! And I can see I have a lot to learn with my cricut if it can do that!!!! I think I may need to look at the disc is sent!

twinsand2boys said...

Love the Disney Images! Makes me wish I had gone to Disneyland so I could use something like that.