Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Oh I forgot to tell you. I'm about in tears and sick. On Sunday our mom's group had a softball game. My book bag was left behind that contained my $800+ camera and my $150+ palm pilot. I'm not only lost with out my palm pilot but I am sick in my stomach. I could seriously puke!! I know it's just material items but they are the only two expensive material items I own. We called around every where and have checked with everyone. Eeeeerrrrr!!!


Charlie Brown's Teacher said...

Ah Mel! I hope you find it! Maybe you didn't leave it there? Maybe somewhere in between?

GypseeMommy said...

That just sucks! I hope you find it. Good luck!

Moms2bugs said...

Oh No! That just sucks! I hope someone turns it up. Did you have a name number or address on the bag anywhere? I hope you find it!