Thursday, December 31, 2009

My New Years Eve Day Project

The boys and I had a great day today playing lots of games, eating, and hanging out. Part of my day also included scrubbing floors, vaccuming, and reorganizing.
I decided for the new year I needed to better organize the boys toys. It was driving me nuts that they overflowed into the living room and consumed our main living space. Our home is small so we have to make the best out of the room we have. SO my project began:
This is the area in the dining room that is going to become the boys new play room.
This is what I see every morning when I walk out of my bedroom.
A reminder of how consumed our house is by toys. As you can see the toys are taking over my craft area. HELP!!!
How in the world can I expect them to put their toys away when the toy bins are overflowing?

Mitch told me he likes his toys like this, A MESS!!! I told him mommy DOES NOT!!
So our project began. We took all the toys off the shelves and piled them up.

Yup here they are in a big pile. I decided if anyone came to visit while I was in the middle of doing this that they had to take home a garbage bag full of toys. No one came to visit!!! :(

Ah, the wonderful organization begins in the dining room, the new toy/play room.

Our dining room is so cute and we spent very little time in it. So I decided to organize and make this the boys toy room. It feels so good to have their own space for their toys. I even cleaned their bedroom out and eliminated toys in there. They LOVE IT!!
Their shelves neatly organzied. Now I need to make labels for each bin so we know what goes where.
The boys work bench area (and baby gate storage area.)
Ah now this looks more like a living space. Oh and look below, I have my craft area back. LOL!!

Thanks for taking the time to look. I hope you have a wonderful, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
Oh one more picture, I now see a tidy living room when I walk out of my bedroom.
I managed to get the dog, cat, Mitch, and Marshall in the picture. I think they were all grateful that I was finished.


Paige said...

Looks Fantastic! Lots of hard work, but it really paid off big. Do you hire out?
Hope you have your feet up now and some quiet reflection time.

Melina said...

WOW! You go GIRL!!!! It all looks so great! Organized and tidy! great work....but that cabinet looks heavy that you moved. Be careful...don't hurt yourself!

AnnMarie said...

Super nice job!! You busted your tail today! Super cute kiddos too! :)

AnnMarie said...
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Jennifer said...

This looks wonderful! Great job with the boys toys organization. I think you did a fantastic job. Glad to see your craft space better. :)

Lesley said...

Looks great Melanie...great job! Happy New Year!

Kelly Haberstroh said...

AMAZING!!! Awesome job girl!!! Now ... is that a Thomas Kinkade painting??? I LOVE his lighthouses!!!

Sharon Keanly said...

Well done, this was a mammoth task! What a gorgeous craft area, I am quite envious! Hope you have many happy crafting hours there.

Moira said...

Great job Girl!

You and the boys are going to be super happy with a well organized space!

Tracey said...

Great job! Love the organization and your house looks cute.

April said... great to have a nice clean, organized area! I wish I could say the same about mine!!!